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Trans Fats are culled out of society yet here I point out that they ‘might very well be the most important thing created and ‘thrown down by men in all history.’ Read here to find out what I think and believe.

The War on Fat

April 17, 2011

Joel Akin

  What if the war on fat is like the war on time and time is the war on sin and sin is the war on thought?

If the products we produce in America are bad for you then in essence, we as Americans are bad for others as well. So what we helped introduce to the world, fat as the fat of the land, as spoken of in the Bible, 1Chronicles 4:40 And they found fat pasture and good, and the land was wide, and quiet, and peaceable; for they of Ham had dwelt there of old.

Fat pastures and fat land and yet here we have a price of uncleanness in the fat of Ham.

Ham came to represent the unclean pig and it held up life from the base for the Jews but God saw it as unclean because of how it ate its food, often mixed with human stuff and stuff that included its own dungs, both pig and people.

The world came to be the dung and the dung of their hearts proved their uncleanness inside where they thought over and over and over with dung producing dung until the heart grew wicked because they as men saw it as clean and clean without ever reducing the amount of sin they produced in life by asking God to purify and then follow through with love and life and hope and dreams that were one and the same inside and outward.

Jeremiah 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things , and desperately wicked: who can know it?

Thus the wickedness of man is the man who goes into the dung and catches a disease of wicked dung from the heart of a man who is wicked producing because of the seed that was life never grafted in to produce a line inwardly of life.

Matthew 13:19 When any one heareth the word of the kingdom, and understandeth it not, then cometh the wicked one, and catcheth away that which was sown in his heart. This is he which received seed by the way side.

The power of wickedness in our day is producing righteousness by the spout of their own lips and we righteous who pray fight them day and night by the light of a quest for understanding.

Trans fats was the grace and Grace of the land of America. It produced a type of cure for the vile nature of mans wickedness inside by giving the bad side of our cholesterol upward to the body that held life in us for the sake of life of God wanting America to be free and free to chose fat even when it seemed to produce bad.

However the bad side was good and it produced a key in us called air and the air line produced time and time was the light of the elf or the extremely low frequency healing the body step by step by step until it produced a key inside called life without or life without the aim of bad leaving a trace of sin or a trace of sin with vileness following.

This is why the price of fat is based on life and life moves us to state that when a state or a province or a land moves out grace of Trans fats, it leads us to foment or stir up rebellion and that is the repricing of sin to a new light and that light is madness and anger and frustration because we prove vile inside without the Trans fats moving us up as we would wish in the light of men who paid the price of hell to learn the secrets of Trans fats and move it up to fat with other things in order to code us upward to life.

This is why no one today looks anymore at Trans fats as good and it is the goodness of it which is now cursed, at least in the sense of belief, all without proving that it had value in its removal as I can show as a first hand example of it here in Calgary, Alberta in Canada.

We were the first fruits of its removal and I can tell you the effect is a case of things that leads to the removal of food from the menu people call fat.

Something happens and it produces a ‘cure’ to fat but not in the sense of the body but in the production of vileness of the heart producing hatred towards fat things.

It moves those established to one side of the equation and leaves them alone, at least for the moment, and then it goes after the price of fat of America as a weapon of destruction.

It takes out liberty of fat in new things first and then works on other things that have not been established hard in the psyche of life. It taints food with a spirit and the spirit removes likeness of life by proving itself to dung and life in hatred of things good for life itself by carrying the dung mind of forgetfulness to us over things that are really good.

Thus as we Americans once had pride in Colonel Sanders and Kentucky Fried Chicken, now we feel shame. There is shame for other fast food things and these shames are spirits that rise up to destroy life, as it is happening now in Canada with Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell, Krispy Kreme’s, and other things that go back to the price of the grave in Calgary.

I have watched with mystery over the years wondering why food moves in and food moves out without any logical reason when the food is good, the people seem busy enough and there are things about it which are really neat.

Yet in the light of this I have prayed and sought God and found that fat is the labor of the land, either towards lean or towards fat. God can heal either but, the problem of it is life towards the lean and when it comes to excess dripping fat I can bear it and like things about it and wish we had much of what was lost back again but I don’t know how for it is like youth which grows old and unwanted in its age and seeks out an end because that seems to be all that is left for us to have and want and need.

Like the ancient Atlanteans, they saw a need to simplify and they came under a curse so great that it held life down to the sea and broke open the well of destruction because they insisted simple would hold value rather then complexity of life.

Now the point is that we in Calgary had a period of time when Trans fats was removed to test, I guess, to see what we would be like but the problem of health isn’t so simple as one type of fat removed so much as the type which was good, and that is Trans fats, became the lie taught to the city and the city bought it as a price of fasting for the whole of us even when I, as one minor and weird example, refused to go along with it when I had prayed and sought God over it and felt there was more then what is meet/meat to the eyes.

The world of Trans fats is across the divide and it lead to Truth bearing destruction here of all worlds lest she be held to the curse of it with me. Trans is the light of Grace/grace and if you cast down that which is fat in any form you produce a curse on the land which produces madness inside and out.

Lets speak to those of you who struggle, truly struggle, with fat as I do.

The struggle of fat is like the tree bearing whiplash from the wind blowing constantly. It leans it and leans it and leans it until we begin to show fat blotted down by a type of wind bad for the soul or the body.

This is the wind that is life of sickness and it isn’t food but the product called taught winds and they are teachings put upon us by men who labor to show their control over the food of fat, as in the milk supply, so that we order ours fat or ultra with fat or slow to fat and thus different types of milk but with the scent of corruption behind some forms of it as we had whole milk and now they put us to believe that the only labor the cow produces is 3.25% and that is corruption when we know from study that some cows have been known to produce much higher cream contents in different parts of the nations of life, like the goat at 5 or six or 7%.

Thus the fat or lean of a land is the product of time and for us to fasten a lock and a collar on fat is the lie of the century of men controlling the populace with all one type of fat content when the price of life must be allowing us to travel and find things odd in flavor or odd in percentage of cream and this is the way of life out there rather then control, control, control.

Thus when we buy a lie for a nation the nation expires and the Provence or maybe provenance of life is to prove that we know what we say in light of history that like days of Joseph, men tried to control the flow of life to the extent that he might have seen it happening while yet in prison or while held to the slavery of life with those who were yet in power over Egypt.

This is why God made an example of the fat/lean and why if taught today people would literally freak and fight for the right of fat but we as a church are dividing fat down to good and bad, as with the rest of the world, and we are buying it to the extent that we yawn when we see men making laws to outlaw fat types or salt which is spoken of as being what we as Christians are meant to be like, and in things based on fruits and juices which produce types of sweet and these also are cursed by men to the extent that none in the church stands up for these things.

I see them because I pray and it is hard to deal with because I am wheat among tares and proving that tares are held to a point because of men who hate me in the realm of spirit and they curse me in the realm of spirit to the extent that I bear up a price of prayer both in the spirit realm and in the realm of God as power and power and power to the extent of seeing all and seeing little in much because of how I feel, as in not yet receiving my healing.

This is why God is coming soon to deal with men and rap them on the hand at first until they prove mighty, which is the point of men fighting God with lies, then he will prove the power of a man who prays forth and will prove men can bear the price of heaven and earth in prayer by letting them see the entire nature of the problem so they will hold fast to God when God goes after man in a big way to deal with the power they hold inside of them with evil and evil being so deceptive it begins to coalesce over and over and over again with lies that reach into the stock of life in faint mechs or mex or mechanoids and mecca tones when they curse the fat of the land by refusing to let Trans fats being Halal when they know they are out of their league inside and that is the life of those who are Muslim whom I have beaten down into shares for the sake of the future to prove I have authority unlike those who have little to none who might condemn the way I speak.

This is why I hold onto liberty and why I pray and why I move to fast on with Trans fats in Calgary until God can liberate the taste of it once again.

It is war and the war this week is with Illinois wishing to ban Trans fats across the state and I see that it appears that it will pass and with it the end of fat to the nation because they hold the battle of fat in Chicago and in the price of Chicago goes much of the land as the spirit takes over when it wins through on a lie.

The spirit wars we fight are to prove that God is real because I have fought the spirit of lies in the Meccanoid lines to the point of delivering them to freedom if or when or however they will it back to me as the price of freedom again.

Until then God will take me off the list of wars and move me to fight on in time with love and life of a heart child or a child at heart by showing me things that I can do to deliver myself from hurt.

 I am odd and different and odd enough to accept a few small gifts so that I can show the world trips out there into time or space are truly possible. Of course the problem of life is confusion and it is not the author who is God, and it often isn’t just me who deals with it, but for now I point out that fighting for Trans fats has made me a target in the realm of spirit foes who hate God and I prove it here in words and in thoughts that leave me wondering who is behind it all for the fight of men still continues after many long years of warfare.

Fighting for the truth

You might think the entire world cannot be wrong yet here I am, a mere little morsel of a man caught in a battle in which no one hears or sees or understands the point of view that I am here to share.

Trans fats banning began a number of years ago in Calgary and we were among the first to experience the power of medical establishments to set a law of health for the entire city without permission of any of us.

Then little was known about Trans fats except it seemed to have been thought of as bad for the heart. Then it was little studied and studies were extremely iffy and unfocussed. Yet even though some results showed as few as 6% of people were being affected by Trans fats, some studies as high as 22%, the nature of the story became guinea pigs losing their grip on life simply for the sake of the doctors wanting to see if banning it worked as a whole system.

To be honest it changed everything and as a man of prayer I kept my eyes open for those changes in a way of benefit and I saw none. I began to notice change in the way food tasted. I found that food degraded faster and that its flavor was lost in things like fried foods.

The nature of life became one of boredom and it held all the way to the Kreme we call Krispy Kreme donuts.

They being relatively new in Calgary had to change the recipe in order to comply and though people interviewed stated that there was no change, there was and it showed in the fact that bakers and people who made bread and people who fried food for a living complained only not one person in the city heeded their pleas that it was not the same anymore.

Krispy Kreme went out of business. Food degraded faster and for a time everyone struggled to keep the fast food joints clean. I noticed the taste of food degraded and I saw fast food joints began to fade in a big way and the food quality and problems with cleanliness increased until they poured in chemicals to compensate.

Of course you say there is no connection to cleanliness but you might be surprised to know there is and I will share that and other things which are being ignored.

In a story I read as a child there were worms that invaded the world. They were little and people were told that to fight the worms people had to start stopping certain habits. No one said a word as one by one by one our freedoms were taken from us and we, those who were without the worms saw the worms destroying life as we knew it. Eventually the government said that no one might walk about clothed because the worms had learned to hide their nature underneath the fabric that kept us warm. The worms compensated by hiding in the bags we carried and it became the price of a story that was all about a willingness to see truth because at the end we had nothing, like the worms, because we could not figure out how to fight them.


When Wages of life fail

January 6, 2011

J. T. Akin

 The spirit says come and take of the refreshing light of heaven for if heaven is the h and the house below is the waeg then from the tongue comes forth a word to prove who Jesus really is.

The price of hwaeg is Old English for whey.

 It is heavens wage and heaven wrote it out so we would decipher in our future that God wanted us to have another whey for life to be found besides waiting for our life to end, often in suffering and sorrow with pain or agony going on for year upon year upon year without hope of any real change.

Thus if this offends I offer  you nothing because we are designed to last to the point of 80 or longer and it is often in suffering that we go on with no one to care and that is not the way or Way of Christ.

Some might say that we are conquerers and yet in the valid assumption of life it is men who take away the ‘more then conquerers’ by their will to steal away the light of men.

The light of men rides upon whims of spirits who carry the will without reason of sanity. When men bide their time and wait in the price of a house of sorrow they find that eventually few if any ride to their door to rescue them in the valley of horror because the world says “We have it, ‘Victory” already.”

We do in the sense of a Father and a mother or Mother in the things of Christ with Mary or with an earthly mother but we do not have advocates in the world below because the world of suffering goes on and on and on and only doctors care but only to a point and then if they step beyond the berms of thought they go to jail for giving surcease from our suffering.

I do not condone euthanasia nor am I suggesting it, only to point out that God made men to be synergistic in though. A synergy in its proper meaning is “Human effort combining with divine will towards a common good.”

Thus in the theology of man and God we find a way to life for those willing to fight towards it, and I do with results being shown towards a belief that whey is a key to the wages needed to raise up a value in the world to help us find a more abundant life here.

This is not to test your theology only to test your will. For if you have a will in a nation of free men who claim to want God also then it was and perhaps still is America or another land out there where you will find a whey reason for life.

This is where science is part of Gods con and con can be connection or it can be a place of control or it can be a ruse to overcome others, as a thief would do, to deal with structures in life based on the Trans-Whey of life.

For if Trans is ‘across the way’ then from the Whey comes forth the Old Way of hweag and it is hidden there in the hw of age that we are turned within for demolition and not for life.

Thus I am on a path to a tree called life and to the knowledge of it from the stead of a room where I find clues to further knowledge on how to deal with suffering in a way that is based on prayer and prayer leading me to things grand and wondrous.